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Make Your Poop Shine Like New

Turn your dull and lack luster poopies into golden nuggets of love. Then give them wings and send them on their way to a better place. Where they can spread the joy!

Share Your Poops

Throw your poop at your friends or around on Facebook, Twitter, iMassanger, etc. Share your poops and your high scores with your friends.

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Global Leaders

Most poo shined = Most poo loved. A poop polished is just a poop, but it's yours. Lead the leader boards and rule your pile of golden nuggets!

and more...


There is no more, just pure poopie fun.


Buy it Now! (It's Free!)

Spend hours getting golden nuggets with wings. It's free with no strings attached! Only hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of Poopie Polishing. Sounds relaxing.

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